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Effective March 20, 2015, Ohio has a new Adoption Records Release Law.  It allows an adopted person, biological parent, biological sibling and lineal descendants (defined as children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the adoptee) of an adopted person to request the release of certain records and information from the Ohio Department of Health.  Those records are not available from the Probate Court.

A person seeking the release of such information must go the website of the Ohio Department of Health for further information and the required forms.  The Ohio Department of Health website is  Thereafter, click the link on the tab that says: “Information about Ohio’s New Adoption Law”.  A short film was created from staff at Capital ODH to explain the process.  You may view that film at https:\\\84OVyrw4jUc.

Pursuant to RC 3107.66 certain people can request non-identifying information from the Probate Court that finalized an adoption.  Those so authorized may submit a written request to the Court and the Court may charge a reasonable fee for providing the information.  The Court will review the written request and determine whether it is authorized under the statute.  If the request is granted all identifying information about any person contained in the record shall be deleted.

Revised Code Section 3107.41 has been repealed effective March 20, 2015.  That statute previously permitted the Probate Court, in certain limited situations, to release adoption records.  Since the statute has been repealed that procedure is no longer available and all request for identifying information/records must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health.

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