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8:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.
Closed on all legal holidays

Introduction to the IV-E Program
Program Administrator                          
Cheri Smitley Juvenile Court has had a high degree of involvement and interest in community programs and collaborative ventures that support youth and families. The Court has initiated diversion program and fostered alternative strategies to divert youth from court sanctions and out-of-home placements.  With dwindling budgets and increased pressures to serve unruly and delinquent youth the court has identified alternative resources to administer justice, rehabilitate juveniles, prommote public safety and provide opportunities to strengthen families.
Probation Officers
Shanna Haybron
Quincey Bailey  
Jessica Richmond In September of 2006, the Ross County Juvenile Court became a certified Title IV-E entity under the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Through Title IV-E, the federal government will reimburse a percentage of local dollars spent for services currently being provided by county juvenile courts. The Juvenile Court IV-E staff assesses youth for community risk, level of care and broker a range of services for youth and families. When necessary, the IV-E will assume care and custody of unruly and delinquent youth and ensure education, comprehensive mental and behavioral health intervention services, and treatment are provided to youth and families to promote family preservation.  IV-E staff also:
Deputy Clerk
Gloria Hinty
  • monitor service delivery in accordance with case plan activities;
  • pre-dispositional investigations;
  • compliance with federal IV-E regulations;
  • adhere to state child welfare policies and regulations ;
  • recommend and supervise placements of unruly/delinquent youth;
  • facilitate reunification efforts between youth and family;
  • facilitate social service developement for youth and family;
  • complete required court reports and directives;
  • supervise and case manage youth "at risk" for removal from the home;
  • participate in identifying community service gaps and the developement of collaborative relationships that proactively meet the needs of youth and family in the community.

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