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Effective July 24, 2020 a mask is required for entrance into the Court.
  The Juvenile Division of the Court of Common Pleas has jurisdiction concerning juveniles, including: delinquency, unruly, school truancy, juvenile traffic offender, alternative school assignments, dependency, neglect, abuse and other juvenile matters. This division also has jurisdiction concerning adults: custody, paternity, child support, visitation and contributing to the delinquency and/or unruliness of a minor. The Juvenile Division also has jurisdiction concerning adults in regards to school truancy matters: failure to cause and compel the child under their charge to attend school regularly in accordance with the law, and aiding and abet to the unruliness of the minor by failing to cause the child under their charge to attend school in accordance with law.


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Personal Identifier Information Sheet (Amended Sup.R.45)    
  Amended Rules of Superintendence 44-47    
  Request for Occupational Driving Privileges     Informational Videos: O.P.E.N. COURT  from the Ohio State Bar Foundation “These videos are intended to address the emotional and practical issues often faced by young people with developmental disabilities who become involved in court.”  
  Written Plea of Denial
  Compulsory School Attendance Standards for Ross County, Ohio
  Motion, Entry and Certificate for Appointed Counsel Fees                  
  Companionship Schedule
  Companionship Schedule - For long distance travel (over 150 miles one way)
  Abortion Packet effective January 1, 2015     starttalking
  Motion/Request for Appointed Counsel (Paternity, Custody, Child Support, Visitation Cases)    
  Motion/Request for Appointed Counsel (Delinquent, Unruly, Traffic, Abuse, Dependent, Neglect Cases)    
  Instructions for Financial Affidavit/Affidavit of Indigency    
  Financial Affidavit/Affidavit of Indigency modified 1/12    
  Application to Seal Record    
  Application to Expunge Record (record must be sealed before it can be expunged)    
  Grandparent Power of Attorney/Caretaker Authorization Cases:    
  Grandparent Power of Attorney/Caretaker Authorization Affidavit Instructions    
  Grandparent Power of Attorney    
  Caretaker Authorization Affidavit    
  Juvenile Civil Protection Order/Juvenile Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order Cases:    
  How to Complete a Petition for a Juvenile Civil Protection Order or a Juvenile Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order    
  Petition for a Juvenile Civil Protection Order or Juvenile Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order (Temporarily amended June 2020)    
  Juvenile Civil Protection Order or Juvenile Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order ex parte    
  Juvenile Civil Protection Order Full Hearing    
  Juvenile Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order and Consent Agreement Civil Protection Order    
  Warning Concerning the Attached Juvenile Civil Protection Order or Juvenile Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order    
  Protection Notice to NCIC    
  Parenting Proceedings: Forms also available from the Ohio Supreme Court's website  
  Pro Se Instructions regarding Custody and Visitation                  
  Parenting Judgment Entry    
  Complaint for Parentage, Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities and Parenting Time    
Contact Information for Parenting Classes (in compliance with County Rule 13)
  Motion for Contempt, Affidavit and Instructions for Service    
Families in Transition 2017 Schedule
  Show Cause Order, Notice and Instructions to the Clerk      
  Motion for Change of Parenting Time (Companionship and Visitation) and Memorandum in Support    
Juvenile Traffic Laws (Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Traffic Laws Page)
  Motion for Change of Parental Rights and Responsibilities (Custody) and Memorandum in Support    
Ohio Supreme Court Domestic Relations and Juvenile Standardized Forms
  Motion for Change of Child Support, Medical Support, Tax Exemption, or Other Child-Related Expenses and Memorandum in Support          
  Explanation of Health Care Bills                  
  Waiver of Service of Summons                  
  Request for Service                  
  Shared Parenting Plan                  
  Parenting Plan                  
  Affidavit of Income and Expenses                  
  Financial Disclosure / Fee Waiver Affidavit and Order                  
  Parenting Proceeding Affidavit                  
  Information for Parenting Proceeding Affdiavit      
  Entry Setting Hearing                  
  Certificate of Service                  
  Health Insurance Affidavit                  
  Notice of Intent to Relocate                  

Questions and Answers

    Q. My child will not attend school. What am I supposed to do?  
    A. You can contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance or you can contact the Ross County Prosecuting Attorney's office for an appointment to file Unruly Child charges against your child for their failure to attend school. Note: Recent changes in the law call for stricter enforcement on parents of children who fail to attend school in compliance with the Compulsory School Attendance Laws.  
    Q. My case was disposed of. Can my record be sealed or expunged?  

Yes, for certain charges. There are specific charges that by Ohio Revised Code can not be sealed. First, let me explain the difference between sealing and expungement. "Sealing a record" means to remove a record from the file of similar records and to secure it in a separate file that contains only sealed records accessible only to the Juvenile Court. (If you have access to a sealed record, you are not to make mention of it. It is as if this case does not exist.) "Expunging a record" means to destroy, delete and erase a record, as appropriate for the record's physical or electronic form or characteristic. This means that the record is permanently irretrievable.

If there has been no activity in your case for at least six (6) months (this just changed from 2 years by SB337), you can apply to the Court to have your record sealed.You must make an application in each case, if you have more than one case filed in this Court. You may apply for early expungement once your case has been sealed.

    Q. My license was suspended can I have occupational driving privileges?  
    A. In some cases, you may be considered for occupational driving privileges. You must make written application to the Court stating specifically the name and address of your school and/or the name and address of your work. Note: State law prohibits the granting of occupational driving privileges in certain cases.  
    Q. I have a case before this Court and I want to be represented by a lawyer, but I don't feel I can afford one. Can an attorney be appointed to represent me?  
    A. You must come into the Court and present yourself to one of the clerks in the front office and file a motion for appointment of counsel. At that time, you are also required to complete a financial affidavit. No motion for appointment of counsel, will be considered until such time as the Court has a completed financial affidavit.  
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