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Guardianship of a Minor
Miscellaneous Instructions
Please note that guardianship applicants are rquired to provide a BCI/FBI report with their application.

1. If the application is for a minor over the age of fourteen (14) years of age, that minor must be served (he/she cannot waive). It will be necessary for the Court to     have a correct address in order to serve the minor. A minor over the age of fourteen (14) years also has the right to select a Guardian (forms are provided for     service and selection).


2. If guardianship is for estate only, a bond is required if the ward has assets other than real estate. The amount of the bond is double the amount of the     personalty (any asset other than real estate). The bond should be fully executed and signed by the principal (Guardian) and the bonding company     representative before it is presented to the Court for filing. The Letters of Guardianship will not be issued without the required bond being filed. The bond     should be filed with the initial paperwork.


3. All next of kin who reside within the State of Ohio along with natural parents even if they do not reside in the State of Ohio must sign the 15.1 Waiver of Notice     and Consent or be served with notice (form provided).


4. The correct addresses are the next of kin are required in order to make proper service. The Court will issue all service required to be done by certified mail. If     both parents are not joint applicants, the one who is not the applicant must sign a Waiver of Notice or be notified by certified mail.


5. The Oath of Guardian must be signed before the Judge or a notary at the time of hearing.


6. The Guardian must file a Guardian's Inventory within ninety (90) days after his/her appointment, if guardianship is for the estate or person and estate. This      inventory lists the assets of the ward and the value of those assets.


7. The Guardian is responsible for filing a Guardian's Account every year from the date of their appointment. The Account shows the assets listed on the      Inventory plus any income/interest received and disbursements that are made from the ward's assets. The Account deals with the ward's assets (what he/she      receives as income and how it is disburses/spent).


8. The deposit for filing the Guardianship of a Minor is $104.00 (for person only or person and estate) or $99.00 (for estate only) and must be paid by either     cash, credit card or law office check. Please confirm the amount with the clerk since filing fees may have changed subsequent to the date of this instruction     sheet.


All forms must be typewritten and signed in blue ink
16.0    Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor (Initial Filing)
15.0    Next of Kin of Proposed Ward (Initial Filing)
15.1    Waiver of Notice and Consent (Initial Filing)
16.1    Affidavit (Initial Filing) (Temporarily amended June 2020)
15.01 Judgment Entry Setting Hearing of Applicant for Appointment (Initial Filing)
16.3   Notice of Hearing for Appointment of Guardian of Minor to Minor over Age 14 (Initial Filing)
16.4   Notice of Hearing on Application for Appointment (Initial Filing)
16.2   Selection of Guardian by Minor over 14 Years of Age (Initial Filing)
15.2   Fiduciary's Acceptence (Initial Filing)
15.9   Oath of Guardian (Initial Filing)
15.3   Guardian's Bond (Initial Filing)
16.5   Judgment Entry (Initial Filing)
15.4   Letters of Guardianship (Initial Filing)
15.5   Guardian's Inventory
15.6   Application to Release Funds to Guardian
15.7   Application for Authority to Expend Funds
15.8   Guardian's Account
          Judgment Entry Terminating Guardianship of Minor
          Application to Extend Time
          Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (Initial Filing)
          Supplemental Guardianship Information (Initial Filing)
13.7  Waiver of Notice of Hearing on Account
          Notice of Hearing on Inventory
          Notice of Hearing on Account
13.5A Additional Notice of Hearing on Account
    27.0 Notice to Guardian-Submission of Comments or Complaints Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.1 Notice to Guardian and Maker of Comments or Complaints - Disposition of Comments or Complaints Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.2 Notice of Compliance with Guardian Education Requirements Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.3 Notice of / Application for Change of Address Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.4 Notice of / Application for Change of Address of Ward Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.5 Annual Registration Guardian with Ten or More Wards Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.6 Guardian with Ten or More Wards Annual Fee Schedule Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.7 Annual Guardianship Plan - Person Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.8 Annual Guardianship Plan - Estate Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.9 Application to Terminate Guardianship Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.10 Notification of Guardian's Receipt of Fees Other than Through Guardianship Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.11 Notification of Ward's Important Legal Papers Effective March 1, 2017        
    27.12 Receipt of Guardian's Handbook Effective March 1, 2017        
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