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Will on Deposit
Will for Deposit
    Your will can be deposited with this Court for safekeeping.  
  • A will may be deposited by the testator, or by some person for the testator, in the office of the judge of the probate court in the county in which the testator lives, before or after the death of the testator, and if deposited after the death of the testator, with or without applying for its probate. Upon payment of the fee, the judge shall receive, keep, and give a certificate of deposit for the will. That will shall be kept safetly until delivered or disposed of as provided in by section 2107.08.
  • Every will that is deposited shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope that shall be indorsed with the name of the testator. The judge shall indorse on the envelope the date of delivery and the person by whom the will was delivered. They envelope may beindorsed with the name of a person to whom it is to be delivered after the death of the testator.
  • The will shall not be opened or read until delivered to a person entitled to receive it, until the testator files a complaint in the probate court for a declaratory judgment of the validity of the will pursuant to section 2107.081 of the Revised Code, or until otherwise disposed of as provided in Section 2107.08 of the Revised Code.
  • Subject to Section 2107.08 of the Revised Code, the deposited will shall not be a public reord until the time that an application is filed to probate it..
  • After the testator's death, wills deposited for safekeeping, pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2107.07 [effective 4/6/2017], shall only be released to a court of probate jurisdiction.
  • If the will is not delivered or disposed of as provided in that section within one hundred years after the date the will was deposited, the judge may dispose of the will in any manner the judge considers feasible. The judge shall retain an electronic copy of the will prior to its disposal after one hundred years under this section.
  • $25.00 fee
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